The first two model weekends of the Upper Room Cursillo movement were held in Peoria, Illinois in 1977. In 1981, the Upper Room Cursillo became the Upper Room Walk to Emmaus. By this time, the Walk to Emmaus experience spread not only throughout the United States, but into several foreign countries as well. Because of the desire to have a more local community in which to serve, “Heart of the Ozarks” of which you are now a part, was formed in the spring of 1994 by a group of local people that have taken their Walk to Emmaus with the “Noah’s of Ark” community in Little Rock.

For the very same reason, the “Noah’s of Ark” community was formed in October of 1985 by a group that had their first Emmaus experience with the Emmaus Community of Memphis, Tennessee. In the spring of 1996, members of the “Heart of the Ozarks” Emmaus community in southwest Missouri formed the “Show Me the Way” community to better serve their local area. And just in this way, the Emmaus movement has and will continue to spread to all the corners of the earth, to every place there are people who want to love and serve the Lord.